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Who We Are: A group of volunteers who are committed to peace and social justice by helping refugees.  Our team includes community activists of all ages:  professors, teachers, students, financial advisors, filmmakers, homemakers, seniors and scientists.

What We Do:  Fundraise to supplement refugees’ rent, provide furniture, transportation; assist registration for social services, schools, medical appointments and English language classes.

Our Resettlement Agency: IRIS (Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Service) a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that offers refugee resettlement assistance, employment placement services and immigration legal aid.

 Refugee Resettlement Team #2 evolved from a group of Pomona & San Gabriel Valley community activists who asked: What can we do to help refugees in our midst? Some immigrant families had already arrived from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan with more on their way. Community activists on Team #1 shared their experiences about their support team. Volunteers immediately signed up to establish a new volunteer group, now called the “Refugee Resettlement Team #2”. The group is both secular and interfaith; members are Presbyterian, Mormon, Catholic, Unitarian, Church of Christ, Muslim, Friends, and more. The First Presbyterian Church and Islamic Center open their doors for English language classes, events and social activities for the community. The goal of Refugee Resettlement Team #2 is to make our new (refugee) neighbors feel more at home.