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About 6:15 am the phone rang.  Probably a solicitor from the east coast as my phone has a Maryland number.   A few minutes later it rang twice again. Oh! it must be the baby!  And sure enough it was. Razan was ready and waiting with her bag for the hospital when I arrived at her motel room. Off we went!  Triage nurse was terrific! We used the hospital translation device which worked great!  Mama was asked several things and Razan had all her questions answered.  The baby monitor loudly announced her little one was doing fine.

Jamie brought Nadia to sit near her mom’s bed in the delivery room and waited.  Waited we did.  Nadia said she did not want to be a doctor or nurse then went home a bit after noon. Razan practiced breathing exercises with every contraction. Around 1:30 the baby monitor slowed considerably indicating he wanted out! Mama’s more heavy breathing helped.  The baby slowed down a second time. The nurse said “we are taking him” next time he slows down.  That was it!

Doctor & more nurses joined the party. Razan pushed as instructed.   It was my honor to be her coach. This was my first time in a delivery room in 40 years when I was the patient. Again the translation device was wonderful, except for the nurse who initially talked too fast.   She learned.  At 2:23 pm Baby Adam entered the world – he started yelling even before his feet had come out.  What a guy!  Healthy, over 7 pounds, 19 inches long with head full of dark hair.  He took to mama right away.  A joy for all to welcome this little guy into our community.