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by Adnan Aswad, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Engineering, the University of Michigan-Dearborn

The human misery resulting from the international and regional proxy wars in Syria is beyond description. The physical and psychological destruction that resulted in the suffering of almost 12 million displaced people is incomprehensible. We in the US bear part of the responsibility for this tragedy, and many people of conscience are working on alleviating the misery and suffering of homeless refugee families.

One such group is Refugee Resettlement Team #2 here in the Inland Empire that is raising funds to provide housing for a second Syrian refugee family that has spent about three years in refugee camps, and after a thorough security vetting was selected to settle in the US. The Team is also working on providing transportation for the refugee family members while the adults are looking for employment, the children going to schools, and for securing their daily necessities.

Please consider a generous tax deductible contribution to the Refugee Resettlement Team #2 in order to assist them in their laudable humanitarian efforts of helping our future citizens.

To make Contributions – click on DONATE here FAITHIFY.ORG